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Carding for Beginners Learning to carding

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Default How to start? Tutorial for novices

So, you thought for a long time and finally decided to try yourself in making money in Carding (maybe you urgently need money, or you just got tired of working and you want to have a big income).

Of course, some theorists will tell you that you need tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. So, this is nonsense. Now I will write a minimum kit that will allow you to safely cash out dumps with pins and earn money from it.

You only need 3 things to start earning. After that, you will receive the start-up capital, and you will be able to invest more money to multiply your profit

1. ЕМV Software for recording information on a chip

There are many EMV programs that either don't work or are being sold by scammers
I will attach a list of non-working fake programs that do not need to be purchased:
EMV global solution
Soccorio chipso software
X3 EMV Software
X2 EMV software
X1 EMV software
EMV writer reader v8
EMV IC Card Software

At the moment, only two programs are known to be working now
www.emvstudio.org - is more expensive but more effective
www.sdk.supply - is cheaper but worse

2. The encoder hardware

This is important device in real carding. This device is needed in order to record dumps on plastic. My advice is to take Omnikey hardware (any version that has function record on the chip). This is the gold standard. It is freely sell on Ali, Ebay, other shops, the price is around $50. Omnikey 3121 is good version of hardware

3. Dumps (information to write to the card)

There are many websites, but most of them sell non-working material
I recommend you a verified shop with good material www.dumps.biz
To start, you can take few dumps with pins

If you still have any questions, you can write to me in a telegram @maintex

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