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Why do you have a large commission of 1%, and competitors have 0.3% minimum? What are the dangers of small commissions?

Price = Quality of services and work. Security is a private matter of everyone. Choose what service suits you best. You can not save on security. In order to make the service work at the highest level and in a paranoid mode, we can not use smaller commissions just physically.

Small commissions, fixed commissions, fast transfers and no division of funds (transfers from one address to one address) are dangerous because the link between transactions instantly find the companies involved in the analysis of the blockchain. This is EXTREMELY not safe for customers. Therefore, we recommend to use more than one address as the target address and use as much latency between transactions as possible.

Also, unlike the competitors, we use the random values of our commissions and commissions of miners, as well as make the distribution between wallets in random order. Also, we STRONGLY do not recommend our customers to consolidate funds back on one address after the mixing. This negates all efforts to break the payment chain.
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