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Security of the service

Service was been developing for a very long time and we are constantly updating it. We have big plans. During this time, the service was repeatedly tested the efficiency not only by us, but also by leading cryptomaniacs, IT specialists, auditors and analysts. A very difficult way has been done. We understand your concerns and trust issues. The trust to such services are accumulate by the years.

- Our team only consists of professionals. We are constantly developing, reading and studying the colleagues, Blockchain researchers and leading experts from various Universities of the world. We are in the thick of things, in the "epicenter of the Blockchain", visit Conferences, Valleys, and monitor what is safe and what is not safe.

- Our distributed servers, load balancers, and network infrastructure are located in multiple regions, preventing the tracing of transactions.

- We do not collect or store any logs, personal information or any other data related to your activity on BitMaximum. Once the coins have been transferred to your wallets, all related data will be permanently erased both from our database and from your wallet. All the information about the host address will be removed after a 72-hour period.

- To prevent any dispute, we use a signature system. Each new generated address is signed using our unique Bitcoin address. The transaction is easy to check in the blockchain. This allows you not to get into a situation where you have transferred the coins, but never got them back. How it works? Together with the wallet for withdraw, you get a signature formed from the address given to you with the help of a private key, the public key to which is the address of our wallet. This signature you can check using the address of our wallet, it eliminates the possibility of replacement the address to deposit funds by an hacker.

- Protection from Sybil Attack. No one will be able to mix his/her coins to the coins of customers.

You can also read the "theses" on the first page of this topic, and the description of our service, after which you will understand that our system is the most thought out and safe.
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