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Why there is no manual selection of commissions and time delays?

Anonymity and convenience are mutually exclusive concepts. We've done some deep research. Yes and not only we, in literature and in networks
there are a lot of studies on the blockchain. Any information of this kind about the commissions, accurate time of transfer, etc. is a direct path to the absence of anonymity. We are not endanger our client. We made a special random % commission not to be 'burned" by to the exact %.
The tariffs specify the maximum percentage, they can not be above. We hope that other services of mixers will take this to the note and will use our rich experience and stop to give to users the information that simplifies the work of research companies and destroy all anonymity. We eliminate any possibility of deanonymity!
We can only provide you with such information. This is a random percentage of the Commission "from" and " to " for each tariff.

1) rate: { from: 0.005, to: 0.012 },
2) rate: { from: 0.01, to: 0.015 },
3) rate: { from: 0.02, to: 0.03 },
4) rate: { from: 0.045, to: 0.06 }.
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