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Default Is there a demand for European ID's and passports?

Currently only GENUINE, but "lost" European Union valid documents (that are reported as "lost or stolen" in a country of origin). So you pretty much can't cross the borders without a risk (unless they doesn't have a unified database for ALL documents in the Eu) but perfectly fine for many other things.
1.Genuine ID/Passport (but reported as "lost or stolen")
2.Requires face matching (a user must be/or make himself/herself look similar to a real ex owner of a document)
3.A service to find a "matching face" ID/Passport by a picture presented is possible in certain scenarios.
4.Price of an ID/Drivers license is 600Euro, Passport 1.2k Euro.
Currently available:
Two Lithuanian ID's with a long expiration of white European females (30-40 years old), one drivers license of a female (age 30-40) and a few ID's of kids (above age 13).
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