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Default Forum rules of

1. The General rules.
1.1. Ignorance of the Rules does not exempt from liability for their violation.
1.2. Rules may change without prior notice.
1.3. Forum rules will be binding for all participants.
1.4. Each section can have its own "local" Rules that must also be met.

2. Administration.
2.1. The administrator is not responsible for the information, lined on the Forum.
2.2. The administration is not responsible for the actions of the members of the Forum.
2.3. The administration does not bear any responsibility for services presented at the Forum.
2.4. The administration reserves the right to publish any data about the participants.
2.5. The administration reserves the right to ban or set the status to any member of the forum without any explanations.
2.6. Questions and complaints to the Administration of the forward only through a Personal message

3. Registration.
3.1. Registration is free.
3.2. It is forbidden to register at the forum more than one account without preliminary agreement with the administration
3.3. Do not register under the nicknames similar with nicknames other participants of the Forum.
3.4. Do not register under the nicknames similar with nicknames known personalities in the fields of underground and Internet Commerce.
3.5. Do not register under the proposal, containing the addresses of web resources, as well as rough and obscene expressions.
3.6. By registering on the forum the participant confirms his full agreement with the Rules of the Forum and possible consequences in case of their violation.
3.7. You may not transfer your account to other users.

4. Posting.
4.1. It is prohibited to place posts/topics in not relevant topics topics/themes.
4.2. It prohibits the creation of those already discussed.
4.3. It is forbidden to give topics meaningless names.
4.4. Prohibited the posting of identical messages/themes into one or more partitions.
4.5. It is prohibited excessive quoting (overkvoting).
4.6. It is prohibited to post a message separately from established topics for announcements of this type.
4.7. It is prohibited to flood (except special section).
4.8. It is prohibited to offtop.
4.9. It is forbidden to beg, including for a loan.
4.10. Never lift a theme more than once a week.
4.11. Do not post links to files that contain malicious code.
4.12. Do not post direct links to the sites of banks, payment systems, etc.
4.13. Do not post links to other carding forums, including the signature, avatar, profile, user, or other ways.
4.14. Prohibited unfounded insults the other participants.
4.15. It is forbidden to conduct mediation.
4.16. It is prohibited to place false information.
4.17. Do not post confidential information on participants of the Forum.
4.18. It is prohibited to create posts/topics, similar in meaning to the deleted posts/tops or closed topics.
4.19. Do not unreasonable raising the older topics.
4.20. It is prohibited to copy-paste articles from this forum on other sites.
4.21. It is prohibited to post lists information about holders, their credit card, etc.

5. Work on the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
5.1. The Forum is forbidden to engage in activities directly related to carding CIS, namely:
5.1.1. Carding banks and payment systems of the CIS.
5.1.2. Replenishment of accounts of mobile phone operators in the CIS.
5.1.3. Work with the "dirty" electronic currencies.
5.1.4. Real-shopping in the CIS.
5.2. The Forum allowed to engage in activities that do not directly affect the carding of the CIS, namely:
5.2.1. Reception stuff in the CIS countries of the CIS.
5.2.2. Remittances in the CIS countries of the CIS.
5.2.3. Sale of certificates to the payment systems.

6. Responsibility for violation of the Rules.
Violation of any of the above rules may cause the following consequences:
6.1. Remove post/topic.
6.2. A warning.
6.3. Negative status.
6.4. The ban.
6.5. Remove account the infringer from the Forum.
6.6. Placing personal information of the infringer on the Forum.
6.7. Other punishments.

7. Zero-Tolerance Spam Policy.
7.1 The forum is prohibited any activity related to spamming, phishing, malwares, botnets.
7.2 Prohibited to discuss methods of spam, phishing, malwares, botnets.
7.3 The forum is prohibited to distribute software for spam, phishing, malwares, botnets.
7.4 It is forbidden to post threads with services to send spam, phishing, malwares, botnets.
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