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Default Powerful flooding phone from Flood Club

Welcome to the participants of the platform!

We offer the service "telephone flood" also known as "attack phone calls" from Flood Club.

We work with “black lists”, voice menu and multi-line phones.

Free five-minute test drive to your phone.


Mobile and fixed numbers of CIS:
1 stream for 24 h. = 10$; each next stream + 8$; Bonuses for orders with more than 72 h.
1 stream with retention, compliance with the IVR terms or playing record = by agreement $/h.

Mobile and fixed numbers of EU:
1 stream for 24 h. = 16 ˆ; each next stream + 10 ˆ;
1 stream with retention, compliance with the IVR terms or playing record = 9ˆ /h;
Nice bonuses for long-term orders.

Mobile and fixed numbers of USA:
1 stream for 24 h. = 20 $; each next stream + 15 $;
1 stream with retention, compliance with the IVR terms or playing record = 13$ /h;

Other numbers:
By arrangement, in the presence of routes for particular regions.


Please read the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ):
-What is the “stream”, what their quantity does affect and how to choose the required number?
The number of streams is a quantity of lines (canals) using for the simultaneous dial to subscriber.
By using one line a new call to subscriber could be initiated only after the end of the previous call.

By using two or more lines simultaneous number of calls could be initiated, which is equal to the number of lines. It will reduce the gap between calls and/or make the attacked subscriber’s incoming line unavailable for calls.

The quantity of used lines depends on customer’s aims: for “annoying calls” using one line is enough. If the aim is to make a subscriber unavailable for all calls it’s need to select the number of treams to meet or exceed the number of subscriber’s incoming lines. The majority of mobile numbers have two incoming lines, so, to achieve an effect of “busy” recommend to use two or more streams.

-What does “auto login to line”, “voice mail”, “flood with retention” mean?
Auto login to line, voice mail mean any action on the side of attacked subscriber, which leads to the beginning of tariffing after the connection. In that case simple flood with retention after the rising a handset will not lead to expected result, in such cases we use flood with retention on the line with the implementation of necessary actions (for example, pressing the key “3”).

-Is there the gap between calls while using one stream?
After the end of the previous connection time of setting a new connection depends on such factors as type of the subscriber (mobile/fixed), load on the operator’s network of the subscriber in the current time, the routes using by the operator for the current call etc.
According to our observations, the average interval between call can vary from 3 to 15 seconds. The gap reduces by one third with each additional stream.

-Do you have all calls from one number or different numbers?
We have an opportunity to set number to display while the incoming call, and believe that it’s not in our interests to specify it in one instance

By default for orders in Russia we use the followimg numbers to show, where * = random digit:

By default for orders in Ukraine we use the following masks:

By default for orders in Belarus we use the following masks:

-We have masks for all countrys

By the customer’s request there will be set any masks that conform to E.164-standart. Installation of specific numbers is possible; they will be displayed among the rest.

-A subscriber has the redirect according to the signal “busy”, what to do?
In this case, we recommend to increase the amount of stream for this number.
While setting the redirect according to the signal “busy” calls will be redirected on subscriber’s mentioned number, including flood calls (when using two or more streams), but the effectiveness of flood will be slightly decreased, because subscriber has 1-2 new additional streams. In normal mode the attacked subscriber couldn’t use the phone, but the incoming call can be accepted with luck and subscriber’s persistence.

We work trough the guarantor, ready to be tested.

================================================== =================================================

Order and support service are available at the following contacts:

mail -- [email protected] [fast answer]

jabber -- f100d#[email protected]; [email protected];

skype -- [beware of scams, double check the spelling]

icq -- 3333624; 3333652; 3333682;

================================================== ==================================================

The Service reserves the right to refuse to perform the task without explanation. Contributed funds will be returned, excepting noted cases.

Attention! We don’t work with cardholders’ and emergency numbers, emergency response services.

At the slightest suspicion of forbidden subject order’s execution will be stopped, refund won’t be made.

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